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Identity & Purpose

MOJO works with organizations to create a clear and compelling organizational identity and purpose, and then we use those things to inform the crafting of a unique and powerful organizational narrative that will drive the organization forward.

Culture Development

MOJO works alongside clients to clarify their purpose, and then to develop clear, healthy culture. Subsequently, we provide a template to align strategies and tactics in such a way that it enables the organization to fulfill its purpose while simultaneously engaging all levels of the organization in that effort.

Team Discovery & Design

At the Mojo Company, we utilize the Mojo Method of Team Design. Part of that methodology involves something we call a Team Discovery & Design Workshop. You could think of it as a cross between Design Thinking and a very human approach to team building.

Pssst...There's a powerful, high-performing culture right there at your organization just waiting to be unleashed.

The Gang

Meet the collaborators (or is it co-conspirators?) who are bent on making this world a better place by helping organizations craft clear and compelling identities and be amazing places to work.
Matt Monge
Matt Monge
Ringleader & Principal Ruckus Maker
Matt takes the lead on walking organizations through the MOJO method of building organizational identity, clarity, and culture; whether it’s building a brand that’s going to make noise in the market or cultivating a culture that’s centered on humanness, purpose, and performance.
Katie McNeil
Katie McNeil
Resident Creative & Brand Strategist
Katie is the creative mastermind behind the marketing and brand design work that Mojo creates for our clients.
David Wilhelm
David Wilhelm
Leadership Coach & Team Dynamic Guru

Tired of boring speakers that talk about the same stuff? Matt's on a crusade to make the world a better place by helping companies craft clear and compelling identities and be amazing places to work. He's also a big fan of servant leadership and helping people be more fully human. And he sure as heck isn't boring.

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