Top Posts of 2012: 6 Things Disengaged Employees Do

Symptoms are everywhere. It’s not terribly difficult to find them if you look. There are symptoms of everything, really. If you have an amazing culture full of passionate employees, there will be symptoms. Conversely, if you have oodles of employees who couldn’t give two shekels about their team or organization, there are symptoms of that as well.

Here are six things disengaged employees tend to do. They may do one or more of these to varying degrees. If you see these popping up, watch out–they may be a sign that something deeper is going with that team’s culture, or even the larger organization’s culture. Any of these sound familiar?

1. Employees withdraw by frequently missing work or by quitting altogether. The former often leads to the latter.

2. People stay on the job physically, but withdraw psychologically. They become indifferent, apathetic, and passive.

3. Folks simply aren’t as productive. Sometimes this is an unintentional consequence of their lack of engagement; other times it can be an intentional thing.

4. Members of your team try anything they can to get out of their department. This could be through transfer, promotion, or both. Sometimes people want to advance for positive reasons; other times it’s just an escape.

5. Employees form alliances–both formal, like committees, for example, and informal, like the grapevine–to deal with what they perceive to be organizational injustices or inadequacies.

6. Through their conversations and conduct, they teach their fellow employees that their work isn’t rewarding, the outlook of the organization is grim, and/or that your organization simply sucks.

What do you think? See these much? What others could you add to the list?

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