Chance Favors the Connected Mind

Great thoughts, yes?

One of the smartest guys I know and a fellow Mazuman, Christian Marcussen mentioned Steve Johnson’s idea that Chance Favors the Connected Mind while he and I were talking in my office the other day. We were having one of those really good conversations where you talk about big ideas, tough struggles, ways we could work better together, and so on.Good-Ideas2

His comments sprang out of part of our conversation where we talked about creativity and innovation being far more likely when people are connected. Basically, we were talking about where good ideas tend to come from, which brings us back to the video you watched above…

What implications does this have for our workplace environments? What things do your organizations do really well to encourage innovation and ideas? What things do they do, often unintentionally of course, to hinder it? Where do good ideas come from in your organization?

Enjoy the weekend!

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