18 Things Workplaces Need, More or Less


1. More collaboration.

2. Less “collaboration.”

3. More teams that trust each other based on a mutual humanness and vulnerability.

4. Fewer teams that think because they did a trust exercise this one time, they are a trusting team.

5. More laughter.

6. Fewer scowls and sighs when the above happens.

7. More individual initiative in learning.

8. Less dependency on others to make learning happen.

9. More adhocracy.

10. Less you’rekillingmewithallthisredtapebullcrapocracy.

11. More human connection.

12. Fewer fake smiles.

13. More folks like the Mighty Mazumans.

14. Fewer of these.


15. More fear of not trying something.

16. Less fear of failing.

17. More asking for input and then doing something with it.

18. Less of doing the former but not the latter.

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