How Does Your Leadership Affect Others?

affect, effectLeadership can be measured, in part, by its effect on those we lead. Leadership affects people, for better or worse. Those interested in truly embracing a philosophy of servant leadership have some indicators we can look for. For instance…

Do we energize others? Or do we drag them down?

Do we encourage emotional health? Or does our leadership — intentionally or unintentionally — take a toll on the emotions of others?

Are others becoming more wholly themselves? Or do they feel forced to become who we want them to be?

Are our teammates becoming more autonomous? Or are they oppressed by our inability to let go?

Do they feel like we care about them as professionals and humans? Or does it seem we’re simply concerned with how they perform?

Do they feel like fully human people? Or do they feel like pawns in our political power plays?

We must ask ourselves how our leadership is affecting those we lead. Are we encouraging them to become increasingly human? Are we helping them grow into themselves? Are we truly serving them?

4 thoughts on “How Does Your Leadership Affect Others?

  • Matt –

    Good thought provoking questions. A reminder that we are “Servant” leaders.

    Hope all is going well.

    Kathy Boas

  • These are great truths, and underscored if you have raised children. The effect we have on people tends to be greater than we perceive. Building people up is easier than we think, as is the opposite.

  • One needn’t go very deep. If we consider the top 2 questions and seek answers deep within. You realise where you are headed. Insightful article!! Thank you

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