20 Questions Leaders Can Ask Their Teams

questions leaders can ask

“What’s your position on unicorns?”

That Socrates guy was onto something with that crazy method of his, though what you’ll see in this post isn’t nearly as eloquent. Getting to know our teams is an ongoing quest for leaders.

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There’s always more we can learn, and things we once knew to be true can change over time; so we need to get in the habit of asking folks questions in both formal and informal settings. They don’t always have to be serious questions (see unicorn question above); you’re just trying to connect on human and professional levels.

Here are a few you could ask folks you work with, and feel free to add your own in the comments section below!

1. What do you do well that I don’t know about?

2. What about our team’s environment makes it more difficult for you to excel?

3. Are you OK?

4. If you could have more time in the work day for one thing of your choosing, what would it be?

5. What situations make you feel most creative?

[bctt tweet=”Ask your team: What situations make you feel most creative? #leadership #companyculture”]

6. What situations make you feel most stifled?

7. When do you feel most like you? When do you feel most alive?

[bctt tweet=”Ask your team: When do you feel most alive at work? #leadership #companyculture”]

8. What could I improve on that would be especially meaningful to you?

[bctt tweet=”Ask your team: What could I improve that would be meaningful to you? #leadership #companyculture”]

9. What sorts of development or learning opportunities do you not have that you wish you did?

10. What do you think is the biggest misconception I or others have about you?

11. If you could lead one project (either present or future), what would it be and why would you want to lead it?

12. How’s it going?

13. If you had a whole day to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

14. Do you enjoy music? If so, what type?

15. How about art? If so, what type?

16. If you could design your own role within the organization, what would it be?

17. If you were a superhero, what would your unique super power be?

18. What’s going on on our team right now, that if not resolved, would make you want to look for another job?

19. What’s an opportunity that you think our team or organization is really missing out on?

20. What two things do I need to get better at as a leader in order for our team to get better?

[bctt tweet=”Ask your team: What two things could I get better at as a leader that would help our team? #leadership”]

What questions do you ask your teammates? What questions have others asked you that you thought were really good ones to ask?


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