Real Talk for Disheartened Leaders

real talk disheartened leaders

When you feel like you can’t possibly take another step forward…Know that you can.

When you’re going through the darkness…Know that light still exists, and it’s often closer than you think.

[bctt tweet=”When you’re going through darkness, know that light still exists. #leadership #motivation”]

When it seems like the pain won’t end…Know that you’ll eventually push through.

[bctt tweet=”When it seems like the pain won’t end, know that you’ll eventually push through. #motivation”]

While you know some people believe you in you, you also know some people won’t…Don’t ever let yourself fall into the latter group.

When you feel unappreciated…Know you’re probably more appreciated than you feel like you are.

When you’re running into obstacles…Know that that usually happens when you’re moving forward.

When you’re feeling exhausted…Remind yourself that’s it’s OK — and necessary — to rest.

When you feel emotionally drained…Remember that sometimes that’s a result of you pouring yourself into your team. That’s a good thing.

When you feel lost…Reconnect with the meaning in your work.

[bctt tweet=”When you feel lost, reconnect to the meaning in your work. #leadership #motivation”]

When you feel rudderless…Refocus on the purpose of your work.

[bctt tweet=”When you feel rudderless, refocus on the purpose of your work. #leadership #motivation”]

When you feel heartbroken…Be thankful your heart was involved enough in your work to feel disappointment that deeply.

When you feel burnt out…Remember to take time to breathe.

[bctt tweet=”When you feel burnt out, remember to take time to breathe. #leadership #motivation”]

When you feel like you simply don’t have anything left…Know that you do.

When you feel misunderstood…Confirm that your motives are pure and then be content to let the chips fall where they may.

Remember this: Leading well is hard. It’s easy to talk about leading; but when you’re engaged in the actual work of leading — when you’re coaching, developing, mentoring, managing, supporting, empowering, building community, healing, listening, empathizing, conceptualizing, strategizing, stewarding, and serving — it’s hard, exhausting work.

So stand fast.

Take heart.

Hold the line.

Press on.

Because to serve through leading is a cause that’s worth it.

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