12 Things Happy Workplaces Have in Common

happy workplace

People want to be happy at work. It’s really not that complicated.

What does that look like? I’m so happy you asked. Happy workplaces tend to have a few things in common.

1. People Are Free to be Human

As one of my clients said so well the other day as we worked on creating a unique and human organizational culture, people should feel free to be who they are, and be accepted as they are. Do you know how freeing that is for people?

2. People Are Excited About the Company’s Purpose

Across the organization, there is excitement about the organization’s purpose, and employees are actively engaged in thinking and talking about ways to propel the organization forward.

3. People Trust Each Other

And as you know by now if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, I mean a trust based on humanness and vulnerability. But people who trust each other are able to be more relaxed, open, and happy as they work hard together.

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4. They’re Fear-Free Environments

People don’t have anything or anyone to fear. Negative or vindictive folks aren’t tolerated, let alone promoted; and toxic influences of any sort are not enabled to exist or persist. People can live and work without fear.

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5. There are Very Few Surprises

From top to bottom, communication is free-flowing, and there aren’t lots of whispers and secrets. Folks don’t have to look over their shoulders, and they aren’t surprised by things since things are openly discussed.

6. People Know and Feel That Their Work is Meaningful

People understand how their work contributes to something bigger, and they know that their skills and abilities are an important part of their team’s success.

7. There’s a Decidedly Positive Vibe

When you walk through areas and departments, you can just feel it. It feels alive. Vibrant. Happy. Energetic. There’s laughter. Ideas flowing. Talking. Movement. Life.

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8. People Don’t Want to Leave

People don’t want to leave places like this. Toxic bosses and/or organizations consistently chase off people, but happy and healthy ones? The opposite is true.

9. People Serve Each Other

People who have committed to being others-oriented together create an environment where there’s a decidedly positive atmosphere, as people are focused on helping each other, supporting each other, serving each other, and looking out for each other.

10. Learning and Growth is a Way of Organizational Life

People are learning all over the place, both formally and informally, which of course also means that folks are teaching, coaching, training, and mentoring regularly as well. Everyone’s in it together, and they’re in it for each other.

11. Change is Exciting

Rather than it being something that’s paralyzing, change is viewed as a challenge that gives the organization an opportunity to rally together and accomplish something amazing.

12. Drama? What Drama?

Drama is like kryptonite to happiness in the workplace. If you think about it, the folks that constantly add drama are the same folks who constantly suck the happiness out of their work environments with that drama. It’s no coincidence. Consequently, the happiest workplaces are ones where there’s just not much drama.

So there you have it. What’d I miss? Leave it in the comments!

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