Trusting Teams Do These 12 Things

trusting teams do these things

If all it took for a team to build trust was the doing a trust fall exercise together, companies everywhere would be filled with trusting teams, and the trust problem within organizations would have long ago been solved. But alas, we know that’s not the case. (And that’s why we do things a little differently at The Mojo Company.)

There’s no denying it — some teams have this nearly unbreakable bond, others only think they do, and others most certainly do not. The tricky part sometimes is knowing which category your team truly falls into.

Teams who have learned how to be human and vulnerable — and subsequently have built real and meaningful trust — tend to behave and perform in certain ways. Now certainly there are lots of teams who say they trust each other, but when it comes down to it, they don’t have the sort of trust that I’m talking about here.

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Think your team trusts each other? Here’s how you can tell.

Teammates who trust each other…

1. Are open with each other about their flaws, imperfections, and quirks.

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2. Are able to hold each other accountable for behaviors, attitudes, or performance that’s counterproductive to the team’s culture or objectives.

3. Are humble enough to ask forgiveness.

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4. Take the initiative to resolve perceived interpersonal conflict.

5. Don’t mind being the first to apologize.

6. Don’t assume everyone’s out to get them.

7. Regularly ask for help and support from their teammates.

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8. Have no problem saying “I don’t know.”

9. Are able to have more fun at work.

10. Like spending time together.

11. Are quick to jump in and offer support and encouragement to teammates.

12. Don’t have to waste emotional and mental energy playing politics and mind games.

So how’d your team do? What’s missing from the list? Add it in the comments below! To learn more about the Mojo Method of building high performing teams, click HERE.

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