Move Over, Jessie Spano

Some scenes from some television shows are just iconic, yes?

And then there’s that scene from Saved By The Bell where Jessie Spano is just so doggone excited.

And, as it turns out, rather scared.

And really, that scene isn’t so much iconic — at least in the way that we’d call the horse head scene from The Godfather iconic — as it’s just been seared into our collective cultural consciousness by way of repetition and the occasional dance routine in the shower. By other people.

Regardless, full-on, pre-breakdown, full-of-excitement Jessie Spano ain’t got nothin’ on me right now, as many of you have seen from my bursting-at-the-seams excitement over the past few days.

Don’t Let the Lack of Leggings Fool You

Just because I’m not decked out like Ms. Spano above doesn’t mean I’m not as psyched (See? Throwback lingo, just for you, my friends). It’s a new chapter for me here, and it’s one I’m super (so) excited about. And in typical, me-ish fashion, the typical, super polished announcement just wouldn’t really do. You know me (still the same…oh, never mind) — I like to keep things pretty, you know, human.

What Happened to Mojo?

As you’ve probably heard by now via press releases or social media posts, I’ve joined forces with the gang at On The Mark Strategies, where I’m now the Director of Culture. The Mojo Company itself (as well as the branding and creative studio, Moxie & Mark) won’t be around as far as a formal entity is concerned, and I’d feel sad about that if I hadn’t found an organization wanting to do what we’re going to be doing together at On The Mark Strategies. When I realized that they cared deeply about what I cared deeply about, then I knew this was a possibility.

(Are you connected with us on IG yet? If not, click here. It’ll pop open a new window to remedy that after you finish perusing this post. It’d be most excellent of you. And if you’re counting, that’s a least a handful of throwback 90’s references now.)

So What Now?

That said, the essence of what I’ve been doing isn’t going anywhere. Believe that. In fact, it’s about to get a shot of adrenaline. I still believe everything I’ve always believed: that organizations can only really make their mark by figuring out who they are, what they’re about, and building that out in a holistic way that encompasses their entire organizational identity: their purpose, culture, brand, consumer & employee experience, technological environment, and physical spaces.

Organizations can only make their mark by figuring out their identity and purpose; and then living that out across their #culture, #brand, consumer & employee experience, and physical spaces. #leadership #companyculture

As most of you with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to be connected know, I’m passionate about those things; and I’ll be able to work with clients all across the country to help them see their organizations and teams transformed into high-performing teams with a clear sense of what they’re doing, why it matters, and what success looks like every, single day. Teams like that surpass performance goals and drive revenue rather than simply phoning it in day after day.

High-performing teams are teams with a clear sense what they’re doing, why it matters, and what success looks like, every, single day. #leadership #culture #futureofwork #companyculture

But Wait, There’s More

Not only do I get to partner with an already great team at OTMS to offer this holistic approach to helping organizations — an approach you don’t see lots of folks offering in this way — but I’ll also still be here at my blog and on my social channels producing content.

I’m taking it as an opportunity to rethink and retool a lot of different things, and going forward, you’ll likely start to notice different things popping up across those different channels. I’ll probably be trying some different things, most of it with an eye toward seeing how those things best serve you all — the community of folks who’ve been kind enough to engage with this stuff over the years, and the folks to whom I’m more grateful than you know.

If You Had the Ear of Content Creators, What Would You Tell Them?

Because you’ve got the ears of one. Let me know in the comments below. Whether it’s related to the sorts of blog content that really resonates, or perhaps it’s in regards to what works for you on social media, I’d love to hear it. Shorter blog posts? Longer form? More images? More live video on social? Please God no live video? 🙂

Give me a shout in the comments and let me know. I’m all ears. Thanks for hanging out all these years. Don’t go anywhere. The fun is just getting started. Looking forward to continuing to serve you.

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