matt monge

If you’re looking for a stuffy speaker who wears his tie entirely too tight and takes himself entirely too seriously, Matt’s probably not your guy.

Speaking. Matt can deliver some existing mojo magic from his bag of tricks below, or can custom-make some mojo for your particular event’s theme. Below is some ready-made mojo. If you prefer that your group not smile, laugh, or be challenged, then we really wouldn’t recommend any of them.

The Case for CultureThink culture is a bunch of touchy-feely nonsense? Think again. Not only is healthy culture a “good” thing to do; it also has real-world, bottom-line business impact.

Corporate Culture ICUIt’s like intensive care mixed with tender loving care for your organization’s culture. We’ll talk about organizational identity, clarity, and unity.

Eliminating Lousy LeadershipIt’s simple. We’ve got to think differently about leadership. Too often we act (though we wouldn’t say it loud) like leadership is based on a title, a spot on an org chart, or the ability to get people to do what you want. We won’t talk about carrots or sticks, and I promise I won’t hide your cheese. What we will talk about is a philosophy of servant and transformational leadership.

From Catchphrase to Culture – Corporate mission statements and core values lists are filled with buzzwords, aren’t they? But here’s the thing: You can keep your catchphrases, because until those ideas translate into the culture of the organization, they’re useless.

Teamwork is MessyMany fall into the trap of thinking that productivity and conflict are mutually exclusive, and that teamwork is just some simple, neat thing people talk about from time to time. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, healthy trust and conflict are at the core of all healthy teams. It’ll get messy, but that’s a good thing.

Creating Collaborative TeamsTerms like “collaboration” are thrown around an awful lot. We’re going to think through the things that we should be encouraging as teams and organizations if we want to build truly collaborative teams: curiosity, creativity, collaboration (duh), community, and courage.

How Young Professionals Can Make Stuff Happen – People talk all the time about effective communication being a necessary skill for individuals and organizations to be successful. But what makes good communication happen? Simple. Connection and influence. These two things combine to give employees the tools to effect positive change on their teams and in their organization.

Branding and Culture: A Love StoryBranding and culture are two sides of the same coin, really. It’s all about organizational identity and telling your organization’s story, both internally and externally. Branding and culture are interrelated, and they both need to paint a compelling picture of who you are and what you’re really about.