8 Advantages of Introverts

In this post, we talked about how introverts sometimes get a bad rap, particularly in the workplace. I think we should take it a step further though. I think a strong case can be made that not only is it OK to be an introvert or to have introverts on our teams; but just like[…]

fast recruiting

8 Suggestions for Fast Recruiting

My thought is that leaders and hiring managers need to hire slowly, taking their time to ensure they’re selecting team members that are not a match from a technical perspective, but also a cultural one. What that doesn’t mean, however, is that we recruit slowly. In fact, in an organization where the recruitment is slow,[…]

slower hiring

6 Tips for Slower Hiring

It’s a tough spot for a recruiter or hiring manager. On one hand you really need to fill that position. Work is piling up, your team is falling further and further behind, customers are getting ticked, orders are getting backed up, lines are getting longer, and hold times are skyrocketing. If there were an award for[…]

Organizations: Communities of Humans

Organizations are made up of human beings. And let’s be honest — we’ve all had those life-handing-us-lemons days, right? Like this guy, for example… You see, we’re all just imperfect humans doing the best we can. That’s why it’s critical that we see organizations as communities of human beings. [bctt tweet=”Organizations should be viewed as communities of humans.[…]

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