8 Signs You May Be a Meddling Manager

8 Signs you may be a meddling manager (or person, for that matter): 1. It’s not enough that people answer you one time. You have this need to know everything, even if you tell yourself and others you don’t. 2. They have to answer you multiple times. About the same topic and/or question. This is[…]

4 Hints to Help Your Team Pick More Fights

The whole idea of conflict is just weird. None of us really likes having to engage in it, yet most of us probably begrudgingly admit the necessity for it in business and team environments. Whether you’re the leader of a team or you’re a leader that’s a member of a leadership team, the importance of[…]

The Bottom Line Isn’t the Bottom Line

Some of the world’s foremost intellects have told us by way of their arts and mediums that money is the end all of this existence of ours. And even those who might argue that and say that it’s not the end all still often end up making decisions as if it is the sole motivating[…]

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