December 5, 2015


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Mojo Coaching

Mojo Coaching is split into three different areas: Executive & Manager Advising, Professional Development, and Coaching for Young Professionals.

Executive & Manager Advising

First is what we call Executive & Manager Advising. You could almost think about this as a hybrid of coaching and consulting, but for individual executives or managers, be it a CEO or another member of the executive or management team. Typically, this advising is in matters relating to leadership, culture, organizational design, organizational development, and so on. This may be an alternative to a full consulting engagement in some situations.

Professional Development Coaching

This is probably the closest to what might traditionally be called coaching, but of course, in true mojo style, it’s not exactly traditional.

Mojo professional development coaching enters each engagement with an individualized approach that explores each person’s motivations, presuppositions, goals, and growth opportunities. Whereas many coaching programs force participants into one-size-fits-all templates, the Mojo approach is uniquely human and dynamic, empowering those coached to be more fully human, and subsequently continue living into their potential.

Coaching for Young Professionals

Available for only a limited number of participants, and with enrollment open for only a limited time, Mojo Coaching for Young Professionals developed as a result of receiving multiple requests for mentoring from young professionals, and from experiencing firsthand how difficult it can be for young professionals to get access to robust coaching and leadership development, especially earlier in their careers. Mojo is filling that gap in a way that’s both effective and cost-efficient for participants and/or organizations.

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