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MOJO works with organizations primarily on creating a clear and compelling organizational identity, developing fantastic company culture, and integrating servant leadership principles.

The Mojo Model of Organizational Identity has culture at its core.

Working through a process of uncovering your organization’s unique identity, we roll up our sleeves with you to design a workplace that is both human and high-performing. With culture as the foundation, an organization’s identity is comprised of several elements: the aforementioned culture, brand, consumer experience, technological environment, workplace attributes, and the physical space.

Culture development is a forte of ours. Working through the phases in our process, we work collaboratively to DISCOVER the current cultural climate, IDENTIFY your organization’s MOJO, UNITE around a specific action plan, and ALIGN strategies and tactics organization-wide to reinforce the cultural norms so that they become part of the organization’s DNA going forward.

Ready for your organization to find its mojo? Let’s get started!


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