August 12, 2016

Identity & Branding

moxie and mark brand identity
As part of The Mojo Company’s unique and proprietary methodology, we believe in digging deep and help organizations figure out who they really are on several levels, including culture, brand, consumer experience, etc. That belief in a holistic identity gave birth to a partner business – MOXIE & MARK, a brand and creative studio focused on creating compelling content and brand identities for organizations to help them stand out, make their mark, and ultimately grow their businesses.

It’s about more than slapping a few brand attributes, a tagline, and a logo on you. Anyone can do that, really. What really makes an organization stand out is helping it uncover — and then live into — its real, true identity.

That’s why we do things differently. Whereas a marketing firm might give you the aforementioned logo, color scheme, brand attributes, and then some obligatory suggestions for “living the brand,” MOXIE & MARK and The Mojo Company see brand identity more holistically.

An organization’s brand has its roots in an organization’s culture and identity, and as such, those things will be explored thoroughly as well during the branding process. Further still, since we see brand and culture as being inextricably interrelated, we work with clients to ensure that there is clarity, unity, and alignment between culture, brand, and then subsequently everything else that goes on within the organization.

That means that we’ll help you figure out what it means to recruit for your new brand and culture, how to set up meaningful performance expectations around your new brand and culture, how to align your strategies and tactics around your new brand and culture, and so on.

As you can see, tossing you a logo and a tagline and then calling it good isn’t our thing; and we suspect that’s not really what you’re looking for either.

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