July 23, 2018


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With an eye toward weaving together leadership, culture, and team effectiveness, MOJO works with organizations to deliver our unique leadership development solutions. Our programs are based on servant leadership principles, and they emphasize building teams and organizations characterized by both healthy culture and high performance.

The struggle is real…

Executive and management teams are crossing their fingers, hoping the next batch of leaders are ready when their number is called. At the same time, in organizations across the United States, there are leaders — some already with a formal management position; others ready and waiting — who are full of passion and determination, longing to be coached, developed, and put into positions to evolve as professionals and leaders.

That’s where Mojo Leadership Development comes in.

Mojo Leadership Development takes a different approach to leadership. With an unapologetic belief in the transformative power of radical servant leadership, Mojo Leadership Development is anchored in the principles that undergird that philosophy of leadership. Woven into those principles is Mojo’s emphasis on fostering a healthy, humanized workplace culture.

The Mojo Leadership Development Approach & Areas of Emphasis

The program itself can and should be customized to (1) appropriately mesh with your organization’s culture, and (2) meet the specific developmental needs of your organization’s leaders. Areas of emphasis include: an introduction to servant leadership, human and high-performing team building, coaching healthy and high-performing teams, employee motivation, emotional intelligence, and understanding organizations.

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The Mojo Leadership Development Facilitator: Matt Monge

Mojo Leadership’s primary facilitator is Matt Monge. A former educator and nationally-recognized corporate trainer, Matt holds a graduate degree in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Servant Leadership from Gonzaga University. At a previous organization, his team was recognized by “Training” magazine for a global leadership development program they created and implemented. Additionally, he has led the creation and implementation of leadership development programs at multiple companies.

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