March 11, 2016

Moxie for Mental Health

mojo moxie mental health

One of The Mojo Company’s reasons for being is that we want to help people be more fully human. One way we’re going do that is by doing our part to end the stigma around mental health issues.

Our ringleader is just one of millions of people who battle major depressive disorder, ADD, and GAD; and his story is far more common than you think. After writing his first suicide note at age 14, but keeping his disorder largely hidden in the shadows for decades, he is now a mental health advocate and even gives a talk about living and leading with depression.

Now Mojo Wants to do More

Matt has started speaking publicly about his personal battle with depression in hopes of raising awareness, fighting the stigma associated with mental illness, and encouraging those who also struggle with mental health to keep fighting, stay hopeful, and realize that they’re stronger than they think.