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A highly-rated national speaker and facilitator, Matt’s unique and engaging style combines humor and wit with keen insight into leadership, culture, the future of work, and human dynamics. As a former high school educator and national-recognized corporate trainer, Matt has the ability to unpack concepts and ideas in such a way that audiences are not only informed and entertained, but also motivated and inspired to take action.


MOJO works with organizations primarily on creating a clear and compelling organizational identity, developing fantastic company culture, and integrating servant leadership principles.

Leadership Development

Mojo Leadership Development takes a different approach to leadership. With an unapologetic belief in the transformative power of radical servant leadership, Mojo Leadership Development is anchored in the principles that undergird that philosophy of leadership. Woven into those principles is Mojo’s emphasis on fostering a healthy, humanized workplace culture.


Whether it’s coaching designed for middle management, coaching/advising for CEO’s and executive teams, or Mojo Coaching for Young Professionals; we’ve got the solution for you, and you can be assured it’s fully grounded in servant leadership methodology and principles.

Areas of Expertise

If you think of the world as a playground, these would be the sandboxes we'd be playing around in.
Culture is the context within which everything else in your organization happens. So let's make it amazing.

At Mojo, we like to think of culture in a few ways. Sure, there's the more formal, academic way of conceptualizing organizational culture (and believe us, don't get Matt started on this...or if you do, pack some snacks), and we use that as an initial launching point for discussion. We talk about artifacts and structures and roles and power dynamics and symbols and stories and rituals and narratives and all sorts of fun...er...academic stuff. But then we find that it's often helpful to start using different metaphors and methods to understand what organizational culture really is. It clicks for some when we say it's the framework within which everything happens and the lens through which everything is perceived for your organization. Others see the light when we call it an organization's unique DNA. Still others nod in agreement when we say it boils down to culture being the written and unwritten "way we do things around here." However it makes sense to you, your organization's culture is the foundation of its identity. And that's a big deal. With those things in mind, Mojo is oriented around helping organizations navigate some pretty crucial components of their business: culture, organizational identity, leadership development, and organizational development & design.

  • Culture
  • Organizational Development & Design
  • Organizational Identity
  • Leadership Development

Tired of boring speakers that talk about the same stuff? Matt's on a crusade to make the world a better place by helping companies be better places to work and empowering people to be more fully human. And he sure as heck isn't boring.

The Gang

Meet the collaborators (or is it co-conspirators?) who are bent on making this world a better place by helping organizations be better places to work and empowering people to be more fully human.
Matt Monge
Matt Monge
Chief Culture Officer, Primer inter pares
Matt’s a cancer survivor and an award-winning speaker, consultant, and workplace futurist specializing in the areas of leadership, culture, organizational identity, and organizational development.
Mystery Conspirator
Mystery Conspirator
Creator, Designer, Maker of Cool Things
This person works behind the scenes…for now.
Mystery Conspirator
Mystery Conspirator
Digital & Data Whisperer
This mojo minion is a data whisperer, and is the brains behind the quantitative portions of our culture and team dynamics analysis.
Is This You?
Is This You?
Master Mojo Merchant
If your biggest concern is helping make the world a better place, you dig what we do, and you’re ridiculously good and developing business, this might be the gig for you. Reach out and let’s talk!

Ready to give your organization a sustainable competitive advantage? That's what culture is. Let's do it.

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