MOJO Consulting

MOJO works with folks primarily on organizational culture, development, leadership, & branding. Additional areas of focus (more below) include coaching young professionals and culture-based recruiting and hiring strategies. Whether it’s on a retainer or project basis, we’ll work together to unlock and unleash your organization’s mojo.

MOJO Recruiting: MOJO believes in culture-based recruiting strategies. The best recruiting strategies are the ones that will help your organization find individuals who are not only a fit from a technical perspective, but also a cultural one.

We enjoy good relationships with many motivated and talented professionals who have demonstrated success and leadership in marketing, organizational development, training, and HR. Additionally, we’re well-connected through social media channels, with over 40,000 connections across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

MOJO Coaching: We believe that embracing servant leadership means not only constantly learning and growing myself, but also helping others do the same. We love coaching young professionals who are passionate, motivated, and ready to continue challenging themselves to grow as individuals and leaders.