6 Things the Best Leaders Know About Accountability

If there are two words in the leadership and management arena that are more misunderstood and abused than accountability and coaching, I’d be interested in hearing them. Coaching and accountability. Accountability and coaching. Like peas and carrots. Or maybe more like liver and onions. Heck, it may conjure sensations more akin to a colonoscopy, depending[…]

The Necessity of Accountability

Accountability. Depending on your experiences and philosophical perspective, that word can conjure a wide variety of feelings, many of which seem similar to that feeling you got in the pit of your stomach when your mom told you to go wait in your room for your dad to get home. However, most of us would[…]

Human Leadership: Admitting Faults

I was sitting in a meeting one time, and in that meeting we were discussing an issue that had come up with an employee. The employee had screwed up. No one was really arguing that point. What was being discussed was whose fault the screw up was. (Why, oh why, do we spend so much[…]

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