Thanksgiving, Cancer, and 5 Lessons about #Leadership

  This time of year is always such an emotional rollercoaster for me. Five years ago this month, I woke up early one morning and drove to the hospital. Later that morning, you see, I was scheduled to have part of my kidney removed because of the cancer that had rudely set up shop there. Odd, the things I remember, and the things I don’t, about that morning. I remember waking up with an epic migraine. I remember driving through the darkness of the early morning with that epic migraine, [read more...]

Waiting Room Leadership

If your life has the feel of a waiting room, then I’m afraid you’re likely missing some opportunities. Thanks to kidney cancer, blood clots, and the like, I’ve come to be a bit of an unofficial waiting room aficionado. In other words, I am the most (un)interesting man in the world. Waiting rooms are to me what fine wines and cigars are to other (normal) people. Waiting rooms have their own particular ambiance. There’s a particular way they smell, sound, and feel. [read more...]

A Leadership Lesson from Livestrong

The dust appears to be settling a bit. Another chapter in the this whole Lance Armstrong fiasco is behind us. I mean, once you go on Oprah, stuff’s official, right? Like most folks, prior to this latest bombshell, I fell somewhere on a spectrum of belief in Lance’s story and skepticism of the same, and that spot moved back and forth a little over time. Want to know what’s weird though? Over the past few years, I found myself caring less and less about what Lance did or [read more...]

Thanksgiving, Cancer, & Leadership

“There is no evidence of recurrence at this time. We’ll see you again in a year.” Relief. I thought about both high-fiving and hugging the urologist/oncologist, but decided against it. One of them was sporting a mustache that I could only assume and hope was part of a No-Shave-November effort, but it was enough to give me pause about hugging anybody. There have been several similar moments over the past couple years. It’s an odd mix of feelings, really. Relief. [read more...]
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