Thanksgiving, Cancer, and 5 Lessons about Leadership

This time of year is always such an emotional rollercoaster for me. Five years ago this month, I woke up early one¬†morning and drove to the hospital. Later that morning, you see, I was scheduled to have part of my kidney removed because of the cancer that had rudely set up shop there. Odd, the[…]

Waiting Room Leadership

If your life has the feel of a waiting room, then I’m afraid you’re likely missing some opportunities. Thanks to kidney cancer, blood clots, and the like, I’ve come to be a bit of an unofficial waiting room aficionado. In other words, I am the most (un)interesting man in the world. Waiting rooms are to[…]

A Leadership Lesson from Livestrong

The dust appears to be settling a bit. Another chapter in the this whole Lance Armstrong fiasco is behind us. I mean, once you go on Oprah, stuff’s official, right? Like most folks, prior to this latest bombshell, I fell somewhere on a spectrum of belief in Lance’s story and skepticism of the same, and[…]

Thanksgiving, Cancer, & Leadership

“There is no evidence of recurrence at this time. We’ll see you again in a year.” Relief. I thought about both high-fiving and hugging the urologist/oncologist, but decided against it. One of them was sporting a mustache that I could only assume and hope was part of a No-Shave-November effort, but it was enough to[…]

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