#Leadership and Line-Drawing

They usually sit in little groups — little¬†clumps of humans playing in the sand at the beach. They squat together, armed with mossy, soggy sticks that are doubling as instruments of art. What looks to you like a mangled mess of lines carved into the sand is undoubtedly a masterpiece in their minds, it being the result of at least 37 seconds of effort with the aforementioned sticks. Sometimes, if you look at it from the right angle, you can make out something. Maybe it’s a heart. Or [read more...]

Lead Them Where They Want to Go

Very few individuals, if they’re honest, enjoy going to work every day in an environment filled with distrust, political maneuvering, and so many of the other ugly things that characterize too many groups and organizations. And most folks, if you ask them, would say they wish things were different where they work. In fact, a recent Gallup poll suggests that up to 77% of individuals said they were miserable in their jobs. So people work places where they dislike the culture. And it’s [read more...]

7 Reasons Teams Can’t Just Get Over It

Yesterday we looked briefly at employees — humans — working through change, as well as the notion that they could “just get over it.” Here are a few of the reasons I’m just not sure it’s reasonable to think it’s that simple. 1. They’re human. We feel. We see. We hear. We hurt. We laugh. We cry. We experience. And we remember. Try as we might, none of us gets to start with a clean slate, so to speak. We’re imperfect humans living imperfect [read more...]
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