4 Hints to Help Your Team Pick More Fights

The whole idea of conflict is just weird. None of us really likes having to engage in it, yet most of us probably begrudgingly admit the necessity for it in business and team environments. Whether you’re the leader of a team or you’re a leader that’s a member of a leadership team, the importance of[…]

9 Aggravating Approaches to Workplace Arguments

Conflict around ideas is a normal, healthy, and necessary part of organizational life. As I’ve said before, if your team isn’t arguing, something’s wrong. At the same time, we know that not all arguments are created equal. Or maybe it’s that all arguments are created equal, but some arguments are more equal than others. (hat[…]

5 Signals Your Team Needs More Conflict

Most people agree that human relationships often require healthy conflict to grow, but somehow, in organizational and team settings, conflict has gotten a bad rap. Healthy conflict around ideas–not interpersonal, mean conflict–is critical for a team to grow, build great ideas, and bond as human beings. However, if your team is like many, there may not[…]

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