4 Questions Your Core Values Should Answer

Core values. Everybody’s got ’em. Or at least everybody says they do. The tricky part about core values is that people see them as meaning different things and serving different purposes, so consequently, they can be either incredibly meaningful or incredibly pointless. Let me explain. Some well-meaning folks list things like honesty, integrity, and so[…]

core values matter

Reader Favorite: 6 Reasons Core Values Matter

Core values–or whatever you want to call them–are a BFD. Core values matter. Some folks might argue that they’re not that important, but I’d suggest they rethink that position because whether they think they’re important or not, core values are a big deal. Here’s why they’re a big deal: 1. Core values matter because they[…]

core values stink

Your Core Values Might Accidentally Stink

I don’t mean to be unkind, but sadly, it’s true in many cases. A lot of core values stink. Many well-intentioned folks–executives, managers, consultants, and so on–craft core values that end up being almost entirely meaningless if you accept that core values are supposed to be your organization’s DNA. Folks rightly understand that your values undergird your[…]

Why are You Whispering?

Talking culture and core values should be intense sometimes. I can’t imagine why we’d talk in hushed tones and play semantics hopscotch when talking about something as important as the philosophy by which we’re committing to live for a good chunk of our waking hours. If there’s not energy flowing through your team and organization[…]

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