Credit Unions and Cain’s Wife

The following is a snippet from an article of mine running over at CUInsight today. Check it out: “Where’d Cain get his wife? It’s a question that’s plagued religious skeptics and believers alike—at least the curious ones—for centuries. Some argue that…well, how shall we say…Cain didn’t have many potential mates outside folks he was related to. So…um…”[…]

Who Do You Think Drives Those Metrics?

Earlier this week, I was at CUNA’s ACUC in San Diego, where I had the privilege of being a panelist in a session on how doing good motivates the millenial generation, as well as participating in a mentor session for a group from The Cooperative Trust. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being able to[…]

A Letter to Leaders (of all ages)

Younger leaders, Titles don’t make us leaders any more than standing in a garage makes us cars. I’m a young-ish executive. There are advantages and disadvantages to this of course. Younger leaders often have a measure of creativity, boldness, and passion, which is great. We have ideas that matter, and energy to make them happen.[…]

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