Leaders: The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Buck up and stand up for your teammates. That was the gist of one of the points in this post and a couple comments below it. As leaders, we can’t be so quick to cower when a customer pitches a fit in our lobby, shrieking at the top of his lungs about how the customer[…]

6 Things Executives Aren’t Thinking

After this post, I had some folks asking for a “Things Executives or Managers Aren’t Thinking” post. Well, the Workplace Mojo lower-case-g gods have smiled upon you, so here you go… As much as awful managers bother us all (even though we’ve all been that awful manager from time to time), I think sometimes execs[…]

Are Your Employees Really Empowered?

If you weren’t constantly reminding your team and organization that they were empowered, would they know they were? What I mean is, most organizations and leaders would likely say they want or already have empowered employees. If you were standing in the front of a room of managers or executives and asked them to provide[…]

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