4 Potentially Awkward Things Leaders Do

There are certain things that make sense to us. Other things? Not so much. Some stuff is just a little awkward, right? Some people’s working styles seem reasonable. Other folks? Not really. Other times maybe it’s apparel decisions. We see those skinny jeans, and wonder silently how they can possibly be comfortable. Or even healthy[…]

5 Things We Can Learn about Leadership from Siri

Apple’s virtual assistant Siri was designed to learn and get more sophisticated over time. The evolution in Siri’s capability and the increase in value she brings happen as users build a history with her. Learning through experience…what a great concept! As I used Siri over the past year, I found myself getting frustrated and losing[…]

You’re the Leader We Need

Organizations needs leaders. If the first name that popped into your head was someone else’s, you’re already missing the point. You see, it doesn’t really matter what title you do or do not hold, what level of education you have or have not attained, or even how long (or not long) you’ve been with your[…]

Leaders, Hymnals, and Perfect Posture

No matter how many times they explained it, it still just looked silly to me. Exasperated, they would finally give up, roll their eyes, and their faces would tell me that they were disgusted with what they perceived to be my inability to grasp the necessity, importance, and even dignity of what they were doing.[…]

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