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20 Questions Leaders Can Ask Their Teams

“What’s your position on unicorns?” That Socrates guy was onto something with that crazy method of his, though what you’ll see in this post isn’t nearly as eloquent. Getting to know our teams is an ongoing quest for leaders. [bctt tweet=”In a humanized #companyculture, getting to know your team is an ongoing quest for leaders.[…]

It Ain’t All Rainbows and Unicorns

You have to at least consider the possibility that you have no idea what’s going on. We’d like to think that we do. We all like to feel like we know people, like we get people, and that we’re one of the chosen few who can do what is famously called reading people. Don’t get[…]

9 Leadership Mistakes That Kill Your Team

Humans are imperfect, yes? So it stands to reason that leaders, unless of course they’re not human, are also imperfect. We’ve all got our own version of imperfect too, don’t we? We’re each uniquely imperfect in that we struggle with different things to different degrees. The crappy part for us as¬†leaders is that our imperfections[…]

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