10 Ways Leaders Can Build a Committed Team

Everyone wants a committed team, and lots of folks talk about having one. But let’s be honest — real-deal commitment is pretty rare. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of teams out there that comply with what their boss tells them to do, or what they understand the organization’s direction to be; but compliance isn’t[…]

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8 Points About People’s Potential

People power organizations. Not products. People. Prudence posits that if we peer into the pates of professionals, there are a plethora of properties particular to each person. These properties, in the presence of positive pressure, progress as people are pushed to pursue their potential. Psychologists propose that each person possesses the power to be part of propelling organizations forward.[…]

leaders encourage curiosity

Leaders Encourage Curiosity

It may have killed the cat, but curiosity seems to be a potential starting point for creativity in people. That’s why… Leaders encourage curiosity. Curious people think about things–the way things are and the way things could be. That’s why… Leaders encourage curiosity. Leaders know that if curious people start thinking about the way things could be, they[…]

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