Should Happens (Thanks, Josh)

You can blend in, or you can be OK with being different. It’s pretty difficult to have it both ways. Not that people and organizations won’t try. It’s understandable too. Lots of folks are dying to tell you and any other organization what you should do. Within the friendly confines of a team meeting, it’s[…]

Leaders: Stop Offering Breadsticks

The music was absolutely dreadful, yet I continued subjecting myself to it; it was a crisis situation, after all. Anything having to do with pizza rises to that level for me. On and on the music went, pummeling me with the occasional advertisement sandwiched between 90’s pop grooves. All that was missing was Casey Kasem’s[…]

Halloween, Clowns, & Organizational Identity

Halloween is cool. For the most part, anyway. Seems to be a fun thing for kiddos (unless, of course, you grew up Baptist, in which case “Fall Festival” was a fun thing for kiddos). But regardless of what you called or call that thing where kids dress up in costumes and get candy, it seems[…]

Fight Fear

Don’t let fear determine your fate. A popular song right now has a similar line in it, and every time I hear it I find myself nodding in agreement, both from an organizational and individual perspective. Fear drives a lot of human behavior. PTP New Media’s James Robert Lay and I have discussed this on[…]

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