4 Sorts of Folks That Make $*!* Happen

Organizations, products, services, and so on don’t just happen. I think sometimes we romanticize the process and make it into something it’s not. Other times, we make the mistake of thinking one part of the process is somehow more important than the others. Here’s how it goes. You get this idea. You take the idea[…]

leaders squelch innovation

7 Ways Leaders Squelch Innovation

I don’t think most leaders and organizations set out to squelch innovation. I really don’t. But there are some things leaders and organizations do that have the effect of snuffing out any flames of innovation that start to flicker. Even though we may be well-intentioned at times, leaders squelch innovation by… 1. Leaders squelch innovation[…]

Innovation Leadership: More Than Nodding and Smiling

It’s probably more frustrating because you know it’s happening as it’s happening. There you sit, pouring your heart into an impassioned plea to do this or that. It’s a crazy idea, you say, but it just might work. And there’s your manager, looking back at you with eyes that betray the fact that he’s not[…]

Innovation, Humanness, & Communication

One thing that many organizations seem to be grappling with is the idea that building technology and developing people¬†is somehow an either/or scenario rather than a both/and scenario. As organizations continue (and rightly so) to pursue technological innovation, one danger lies in assuming that since much of what they do is becoming automated or going[…]

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