4 Sorts of Folks That Make $*!* Happen

Organizations, products, services, and so on don’t just happen. I think sometimes we romanticize the process and make it into something it’s not. Other times, we make the mistake of thinking one part of the process is somehow more important than the others. Here’s how it goes. You get this idea. You take the idea[…]

8 Characteristics of Creative Leaders

I hate to outline things that may generally be true of what some would consider “creative” leaders, because I don’t want that to misconstrued as me positing that some humans are creative and others aren’t. I don’t think that at all. But while I think all of us have the capacity and ability to be[…]

Chance Favors the Connected Mind

Great thoughts, yes? One of the smartest guys I know and a fellow Mazuman, Christian Marcussen mentioned Steve Johnson’s idea that Chance Favors the Connected Mind while he and I were talking in my office the other day. We were having one of those really good conversations where you talk about big ideas, tough struggles,[…]

Once Upon a Time in a Company Far, Far Away

It started out well enough. Excitement was in the air, high fives were regularly exchanged, bonus checks were often cut, and the consumption of chinese food late at night while you were working on a project was the norm. It was tiring, sure; but it was also invigorating. You and your team were there together,[…]

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