Questions Leaders Need To Answer About Culture and Learning

Most managers and executives would likely agree that learning and development is an important ingredient in the future success of their organizations, and most folks would tell you that professional development opportunities are an important consideration when evaluating potential employers. However, that doesn’t always translate into meaningful learning and development efforts within organizations. Take, for[…]

5 Steps Towards More Transparent Talent Planning (Guest Post)

It’s treated like a covert operation, flawlessly planned and executed – as if it never really happened. Confidential folders holding its contents are protected under lock and key. Faint whispers are overheard by the water coolers. Employees wonder what secrets are being discussed. Leaders hope that employees won’t ask about it. It has become one[…]

Credit Unions and Cain’s Wife

The following is a snippet from an article of mine running over at CUInsight today. Check it out: “Where’d Cain get his wife? It’s a question that’s plagued religious skeptics and believers alike—at least the curious ones—for centuries. Some argue that…well, how shall we say…Cain didn’t have many potential mates outside folks he was related to. So…um…”[…]

Training Departments: Quit Marking Your Territory

Growing up, I had a dog that I absolutely loved. He was a miniature schnauzer, and he was awesome. He was the runt of his litter, but had that textbook small-dog-that-thinks-and-acts-like-he’s-a-huge-dog thing going on. He was super friendly, but if another dog came within, oh, say, a city block of our yard, he would growl[…]

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