You Can Make the World a Better Place

What if you — yes, you — could make the world a better place? People all over the place talk about wanting to do that. They descend into an existential funk trying to figure out how they can do that. But guess what? There’s an answer. If you’re a leader, you can do your part[…]

5 Reasons Your Employees are Lying to You

Newsflash #1: Your team lies to you sometimes. Maybe a lot of the time. Newsflash #2: It’s at least partly your fault. Newsflash #3: If you deny the possibility of #2 above, you may as well stop reading now. If you’re still reading, I’m going to assume (yes, I know what they say about assuming)[…]

ego-driven leaders

10 Traits of Ego-Driven Leaders

  We all struggle with ego — every single one of us. Ego-driven leaders are one of the most toxic elements that can be introduced to a team or organization. How can you tell if a leader is ego-driven? How can you tell if your leadership is at times or in some ways ego-driven? [bctt tweet=”No one is[…]

servant leadership

Leaders Serve First

The underlying philosophy of servant leadership is important to grasp. Though it may at first glance seem to be an issue of semantics, the distinction between a leader who serves and a servant who leads is a fundamental one. What separates servant-leadership from other discussions of leadership is that it takes the approach of leadership[…]

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