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What Your Employees and Customers Have in Common with 4-Year-Olds

On Parenting, Philosophers, Legos, and Not Actually Selling Your Kids It was super annoying when we did it as kids. Our dads, if they had any hair remaining, probably wanted to tear it out. Our moms were exasperated, even wondering to themselves in darker moments why they had succumbed to that sparkle in your our[…]

9 Branding & Culture Disconnects

It irritates us to no end when something doesn’t live up to the hype, doesn’t it? Our mouths begin to salivate when we see a commercial for a pizza joint on TV, right? We see a pizza cutter run across the diameter of a piping-hot pizza, dividing it up for the ravenous people waiting to[…]

Fight Fear

Don’t let fear determine your fate. A popular song right now has a similar line in it, and every time I hear it I find myself nodding in agreement, both from an organizational and individual perspective. Fear drives a lot of human behavior. PTP New Media’s James Robert Lay and I have discussed this on[…]

Culture & Marketing: Two Sides of the Same Coin [Guest Post]

Culture and marketing. Employee development and branding.  Leadership and consumer experience.  These words don’t often get used in tandem, especially during professional development seminars.  But I’ve got to hand it to the folks at the Missouri Credit Union Association.  They know that marketing isn’t just about pretty postcards and having a friendly staff.  Marketing isn’t[…]

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