Calling All Leaders, Young and Old

You know how some people talk about going to a mall or airport to “people watch” or whatever they call it? Know my favorite place to do that? You guessed it. Workplaces. There are so many interesting dynamics at play. One of them is the infusion of young talent into the workforce that’s already entrenched within any[…]

ways best leaders coach

10 Tips for Young Professionals

A couple (OK, fine. Three.) disclaimers right from Jump Street here: 1. I believe much of the generational talk out there acts a lot like a self-fulfilling prophecy. We paint with too broad a brush about this generation or that, and by gosh, wouldn’t you know it? They sometimes tend to maybe in some situations[…]

traits of potential leaders

6 Traits of Potential Leaders

Develop young leaders. Develop your leadership pipeline. Invest in the next generation of leaders. Wind up the whippersnappers. OK. So I made that last one up, but the first three are phrases you’ve undoubtedly heard before. I don’t disagree with any of them; the more difficult task is making those things happen. If you’re a[…]

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