Leaders Do. Together.

Countless organizations out there right now, while perhaps even appearing healthy and stable to those on the outside looking in, are dying on the inside. Morale is down. Infighting and politics are on the rise. Trust is lacking. Inefficiency isn’t. In short, it’s a hot mess. So what’s to be done? Well, that would certainly[…]

Working Out and “Fixing” Culture

I’ve seen and heard it time and again. “We’re going to fix our culture.” Or, “For the next six months we’re going to focus on our people.” Or, “I hope we can get our morale issue under control so we can get back to business.” Yikes. Don’t get me wrong — those are good things[…]

Leaders: The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Buck up and stand up for your teammates. That was the gist of one of the points in this post and a couple comments below it. As leaders, we can’t be so quick to cower when a customer pitches a fit in our lobby, shrieking at the top of his lungs about how the customer[…]

Leaders: Consider Creating a Crisis

Here’s an odd organizational phenomenon that you’ll notice if you look for it: Organizations often don’t pay attention to important stuff until there’s some sort of crisis related to the aforementioned stuff. Any of the following sound familiar? An organization will only call a strategic planning consultant after it’s obvious to 93.5% of the organization[…]

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