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5 Reasons Your New Hires Won’t Last

They’re going to leave you. I know. That’s a hard pill to swallow after all the time and money you’ve spent on marketing, recruitment, job fairs, and pens. (Yes, pens. Have you ever seen how many gazillions of branded pens are floating around at a job fair? It’s insane.) But even after that, your new hires are going to leave you. (Yes, even after the pens.) Most of us get a similar sinking feeling in our stomach when we think too much about that. It gives each of us [read more...]

5 Corporate Culture Myths

Mr. Rogers was a former Navy Seal. Gum takes seven years to digest. Refrigerating batteries makes them last longer. Hair grows back thicker after it’s shaved. The Great Wall of China is visible from space. Undercover police officers have to tell you they’re undercover if you ask them directly. Twinkies have an infinite shelf life. Vikings’ helmets had horns on them. Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death (right, CSI?). And of course, Facebook is going to start charging [read more...]

4 Questions Your Core Values Should Answer

  Core values. Everybody’s got ’em. Or at least everybody says they do. The tricky part about core values is that people see them as meaning different things and serving different purposes, so consequently, they can be either incredibly meaningful or incredibly pointless. Let me explain. Some well-meaning folks list things like honesty, integrity, and so on as core values; and while I would agree that those are values that a business should embrace, I would argue that those are [read more...]

You Don’t Have to Wear Skinny Jeans

I want you to try something. Walk around your department or organization, and ask people how creative they are. Say something like “Would you say you’re not as creative as most people, just as creative as most people, or more creative than most people?”  And then watch them squirm. It’s an interesting question to hear people answer, both in terms of how they answer the question and why they answer the question the way they do. Most seem to fidget, at least momentarily, [read more...]
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