core values stink

Your Core Values Might Accidentally Stink

I don’t mean to be unkind, but sadly, it’s true in many cases. A lot of core values stink. Many well-intentioned folks–executives, managers, consultants, and so on–craft core values that end up being almost entirely meaningless if you accept that core values are supposed to be your organization’s DNA. Folks rightly understand that your values undergird your[…]

What Socrates Would Say to Your Organization

I’m about to kill my own little consulting practice with two words. I’m going to spare you the time, effort, and cash commitment connected with contracting a consultant to help your company clarify and cultivate its culture. In the interest of full disclosure, and in an effort to avoid plagiarism, it should be noted that[…]

Halloween, Clowns, & Organizational Identity

Halloween is cool. For the most part, anyway. Seems to be a fun thing for kiddos (unless, of course, you grew up Baptist, in which case “Fall Festival” was a fun thing for kiddos). But regardless of what you called or call that thing where kids dress up in costumes and get candy, it seems[…]

Fight Fear

Don’t let fear determine your fate. A popular song right now has a similar line in it, and every time I hear it I find myself nodding in agreement, both from an organizational and individual perspective. Fear drives a lot of human behavior. PTP New Media’s James Robert Lay and I have discussed this on[…]

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