Who Do You Think Drives Those Metrics?

Earlier this week, I was at CUNA’s ACUC in San Diego, where I had the privilege of being a panelist in a session on how doing good motivates the millenial generation, as well as participating in a mentor session for a group from The Cooperative Trust. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being able to[…]

People Strategy: It’s a BFD

It’s a curious thing. So many organizations place an enormous emphasis on business strategy, and rightly so. No one’s going to argue that that shouldn’t be the case. But the weird thing is that many of those same organizations don’t have a coherent and meaningful people strategy. So while they may have a meticulous plan[…]

Build People

Training and development that has some aspect of career coaching is en vogue right now. It is to the training and development world what Kanye West only thinks he is to the fashion world. Many have even started using several different names for these programs interchangeably: career coaching, mentoring, career counseling, etc. Some of these programs, while[…]

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