Dear You, Take a deep breath. Relax. Everything’s going to be just fine. You see, some pretty smart people put you where you’re at. And it probably wasn’t a unilateral decision; it was probably a group decision that you — yes, you — were a good candidate for the position you currently fill. Now, is[…]

Waiting Room Leadership

If your life has the feel of a waiting room, then I’m afraid you’re likely missing some opportunities. Thanks to kidney cancer, blood clots, and the like, I’ve come to be a bit of an unofficial waiting room aficionado. In other words, I am the most (un)interesting man in the world. Waiting rooms are to[…]

You’re the Leader We Need

Organizations needs leaders. If the first name that popped into your head was someone else’s, you’re already missing the point. You see, it doesn’t really matter what title you do or do not hold, what level of education you have or have not attained, or even how long (or not long) you’ve been with your[…]

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