11 Ways to Crush Your Team’s Creativity

We clamor for it, but don’t see much of it, or at least not as much as we’d like. And really, if we were pressed further, I don’t know that many of us would even know what we’re actually wanting. It’s the ever-elusive but always romantic notion of creativity. It is the unicorn. It is[…]

4 Sorts of Folks That Make $*!* Happen

Organizations, products, services, and so on don’t just happen. I think sometimes we romanticize the process and make it into something it’s not. Other times, we make the mistake of thinking one part of the process is somehow more important than the others. Here’s how it goes. You get this idea. You take the idea[…]

6 Signs Your Team Needs to Fight More

As you look around the room, you see lots of heads nodding up and down, toothy smiles pasted onto each face. Your boss has just pitched an idea, and you and some of the rest of your team thinks it’s not the most wonderful one he’s ever come up with, so naturally you indicate that[…]

9 Aggravating Approaches to Workplace Arguments

Conflict around ideas is a normal, healthy, and necessary part of organizational life. As I’ve said before, if your team isn’t arguing, something’s wrong. At the same time, we know that not all arguments are created equal. Or maybe it’s that all arguments are created equal, but some arguments are more equal than others. (hat[…]

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