Five Days to Successful Speaking: Stop Stripping, Start Believing (Guest post by Andy Janning)

If you have a heartbeat, chances are you harbor a fear of speaking in public that outranks death. In the last 25 years, I’ve spoken to groups that could fit comfortably in a Mini Cooper and ones barely contained by the side of a mountain. Those experiences have taught me some valuable lessons about how to present[…]

What I Should Have Said…

So how much of the responsibility for employee development lies with the employee? I don’t recall the specific verbiage that was used, but that was the gist of the question as I remember it. It came in a Q & A session following a talk Andy Janning and I gave about employee development, during which[…]

Training Departments: Quit Marking Your Territory

Growing up, I had a dog that I absolutely loved. He was a miniature schnauzer, and he was awesome. He was the runt of his litter, but had that textbook small-dog-that-thinks-and-acts-like-he’s-a-huge-dog thing going on. He was super friendly, but if another dog came within, oh, say, a city block of our yard, he would growl[…]

ask listen learn

Ask. Listen. Learn. Repeat.

Ask. Listen. Learn. Repeat. It really just boils down to this sometimes, doesn’t it? As leaders, I think we tend to overcomplicate things every once in a while. Parts of leadership aren’t really that complicated. Employee engagement doesn’t always have to be tantamount to figuring out the DaVinci Code or be the inspiration for an overrated[…]

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