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Are Charismatic Leaders Transformational?

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s another installment of Words Mean Things! On today’s show, we’ll be talking about the differences between charismatic leaders and transformational leaders, because let me assure you — they’re different. The two terms — charismatic leadership and transformational leadership — are used interchangeably an awful lot, and there are certainly some similarities[…]

transformational leaders are different

7 Ways Transformational Leaders Are Different

Some leaders are…different. They have this certain something that resonates with us, and that certain something may be hard to describe and will likely vary from person to person. They’re not perfect, but somehow that’s part of their charm. They possess the ability to motivate people, but it’s often not in the traditional ways. Like[…]

16 Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves

Just between you and the mirror… 1. Are you more motivated mostly by the drive to capture success or by a desire to serve others? 2. Do you use your grasp of internal politics as a weapon to get what you want? Or are you sensitive to the human dynamics at play in the organization, but work toward collaborative, empowering solutions that[…]

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