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Once Upon a Time in a Company Far, Far Away

It started out well enough. Excitement was in the air, high fives were regularly exchanged, bonus checks were often cut, and the consumption of chinese food late at night while you were working on a project was the norm. It was tiring, sure; but it was also invigorating. You and your team were there together, arms metaphorically locked as you journeyed toward what you were sure was going to be what the cool kids (of which I am not one) would describe as an “epic” new phase of your [read more...]

Who Helps You Dream?

It’s lonely at the top, or so the saying goes. In fact, it can feel lonely a lot of places, can’t it? The CEO’s office, though an envied location by many, can seem utterly isolated to the one sitting in the chair behind the desk. Sometimes it can all get a bit stifling, whatever your particular role within an organization is. Like my buddy James Robert Lay likes to remind me by channeling his inner Jack Shepherd: We can live together, or we can die alone. If you didn’t [read more...]

Organizational Migraines

I’ve gotten regular migraines since I was a kid. My poor parents worried about my head (insert your joke here) on a regular basis. I did the whole allergy test thing, the brain scan thing, and gave my parents the I-swear-I’m-not-faking-it thing. (For all you Office fans, that’s what she said.) Others who get migraines will vouch for me–they’re just plain awful. When let go, they knock me clear out of commission. Nausea. Dizziness. Extreme sensitivity to sound and [read more...]
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