Leaders Do. Together.

Countless organizations out there right now, while perhaps even appearing healthy and stable to those on the outside looking in, are dying on the inside. Morale is down. Infighting and politics are on the rise. Trust is lacking. Inefficiency isn’t. In short, it’s a hot mess. So what’s to be done? Well, that would certainly depend on the group or organization, and what the specific symptoms are, but I think there’s at least one common denominator. These organizations need [read more...]

Fit in. Or Don’t.

You can fit in, or you can stand out. You can’t have it both ways. There are scores of people and groups out there who are more than willing to describe for you to a well-crossed T how you’re to act/look/think in any given situation or setting. Perhaps they’ve been there since you were a wee lad or lass, encouraging — and sometimes forcing — you to fit in to a given mold. Think of all the books, scoldings, fringe religious zealots, co-workers, employees, school [read more...]

18 Things Workplaces Need, More or Less

1. More collaboration. 2. Less “collaboration.” 3. More teams that trust each other based on a mutual humanness and vulnerability. 4. Fewer teams that think because they did a trust exercise this one time, they are a trusting team. 5. More laughter. 6. Fewer scowls and sighs when the above happens. 7. More individual initiative in learning. 8. Less dependency on others to make learning happen. 9. More adhocracy. 10. Less you’rekillingmewithallthisredtapebullcrapocracy. 11. [read more...]

Leaders: Everything Means Something

There’s this weird little thing a few people have heard me say before. It’s a silly, awkwardly-constructed sentence, but it’s true nonetheless. Everything means something. Profound, yes? I think we underestimate the impact of symbolism in the workplace. I’m working on a longer post on this (which may, in turn, transform itself into a section of my master’s thesis — Go Zags), but for now I just want to poke at the general idea a little bit. What I mean when I [read more...]
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